Jeep Drive - Seven Springs to Sheep's Crossing

  • October 19, 2016
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Saturday morning drive on October 15th north from Carefree through Seven Springs and over to Sheep's Crossing

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Post mileage app Overhaul Releases

Bug fixes and user interface improvements released since the Java API release

In early August, I released an overhaul of the mileage app api, converting it from python to Java. Since then, there have been four additional releases on August 9th, 27th, September 17th, and today, October 2nd. These releases include a number of bug fixes introduced in the overhaul and several user interface enhancements. See the release notes for more information.

Mileage app Java API Conversion

Mileage app API converted to Java

The latest version of the API for the Mileage app now runs in Java. This aligns with the app with the tech stack I currently work with in my current position. It should also address some niggling issues with the python version and the database connection.

See release notes

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