First Back Way to Crown King Drive

... or the drive where I chickened out and turned around.

I decided to drive up towards Crown King via the "back way". I want to say I planned to drive up all the way, but I just don't know. I just started the drive.

I started early and saw the sunrise.

The road is rough with some slow climbs and descents, so, for most of the trail, I just drove. There was a sweet section of the road diverted up the creek bed, which was flowing with a few inches of water.

A few miles up the road, I started to see snow. Unfortunately, this meant the road was getting slippery. Just around the corner from this picture, the road has a pretty large rock step crossing the trail which was completely wet and slick. That was the "chicken-out" spot. I wasn't ready to attempt this climb, so I turned around.

The Route

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